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Bass Guitarist

Mr R

Edge Profile

Mr R has been involved in the music field since the age of 4 when he first picked up his Dad's old broken down acoustic guitar and wrote silly songs with only 2 strings attached.At the age of 9, he learned some violin,and played in his 4th grade school Orchestra.Three years later,at age 12 he learned basic keyboards.

At the age of 14 he bought his first guitar and spent countless hours hanging out with and learning techiques from a few local accomplished area musicians.Mr R performed with several local bands;"Home Brew" & "Magic Silver"; in the late 60's playing lead guitar mainly for after game High School dances and events.He later met up with fellow classmate,Rich K (also the current drummer for Riverz Edge)in the early 70's, and they spent a great deal of time jamming,putting together several original tunes,but never persued any serious path at that time.

Rich was also in several local bands himself, trying to get his act together as was Mr R.Then in the late 70's Mr R & Rich again teamed up with with a few other talented local musicians and and formed the band "Circuit Band".They became one of Quad Cities top local favorites thru 1980.Unfortunately the band dissolved after 2 years due to personal agenda problems.Mr R later briefly teamed up with the Hard Rock band named "Live Wire" and played the remainder of that year at several main events and venues.

Mr R then was contacted by a band in 1984 called "Cafaye";with lead vocalist Cathy Wetzel, and performed with them for 5 years thru 1989.The band was also opening act for many Pop 60's Revival bands such as Jan & Dean; The Rascals; The Diamonds; Mary Wilson of The Supremes and others...Mr R was also involved in various projects thru the mid 90's,till he and Rich again got together with a Country Rock oriented band named "Bounty Hunter",which stayed together for about one and a half years.After a brief resolve,Mr R joined up as Bass Guitarist for the current "Riverz Edge Band" in late Oct.of 2000,which has performed for several main events thru 2001,including the opening act for Firefall & Pure Prairre League,and a few local charity events.

The Band is now currently playing assorted venues thruout the Quad Cities and surrounding area. You can access their schedule thru the their Homepage Link below.NOTE...Since the bands demise in 2002,Roger has relocated to the Colorado Springs,Colo.area and is involved in his own private projects at this time.
You may reach Mr R at
Riverz Edge Band